The Walking Dead Season 8 Preview

Andrew Lincoln was taken when he was told about the spectacle, which seemed to reveal a grizzled and old version of Rick Grimes. The scene, which also included a cane positioned alongside Rick's bed, appeared to mirror a significant moment in the comic book and should don't wish to know about it, then you should probably look away at the moment. And yes, this sounds like your spoiler alert.

But that occurs after the war with Negan, a war which only kicked off on TV at the season 7 finale. So to do this time leap now like the war is beginning, would not appear to make sense.
Only time — and season 8, which premieres Oct. 22 — will tell if the TV adaptation is moving ahead with some type of flash-forward approach to show current and future events in exactly the exact same time — like the Lost flash-forwards that started in the "Through the Looking Glass" episode. But whether the series is either going early to the time leap or intentionally misdirecting the audience by doing something else completely, it functions as the latest reminder that showrunner Scott M. Gimple and his staff are not content to play it safe, even surprising their celebrity. the walking dead streaming

I thought it was really interesting, and also gives us an opportunity to do something else a little before the game, which I believe is very, very neat." Obviously, Lincoln won't affirm that it's the time-jump in the comics, even though he admits to certain visual cues. "I mean, it is a gray Rick," he says. "It is an older Rick. So by virtue of how you see, that means that it is later on." But when later on? And can it be a future or another fantasy series like the Glenn and Abraham feast in last year's season premiere? "It will get somewhat clearer following the October premiere," says Lincoln. "Then again, it might not be. It maybe is opaque. I believe that that's maybe all I can say on the topic." Ah, but what do you need to say on the issue? What do you believe the Old Man Rick scene signifies?

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